15 March 2018, Geneva, Switzerland – Many governments face the triple challenge of reducing environmental risks, while fostering economic growth and reducing poverty. Green fiscal reform (GFR) as a policy approach can improve fiscal consolidation, spur innovation, and help identify smarter ways for government taxation and spending.

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2 March 2018, Midrand, South Africa - Stephen Barrow, a consultant at the South African Organic Sector Organisation (SAOSA), was among 100 people who took part in the country’s National Academy on Green Economy.

“This has been an amazing opportunity to expand our horizons and to interact with folk from

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As world leaders gather for the United Nations' High Level Political Forum, PAGE will bring ministers, thought leaders, CEOs, celebrities, young people and heads of UN Agencies together inspire and inform fundamental shifts in how we meet our needs and aspirations through our innovation, production, consumption, and investment...Read more

27 February 2018, Erdenet, Mongolia - For decades the only source of lighting at the regional public hospital in Mongolia’s Orkhon province came from high-energy inefficient bulbs that did not meet health and safety standards.

“I was hospitalized twice last year and stayed in the rehabilitation section of the hospital. When I...Read more