Mauritius, 9-11 May 2018– From 9th to 11th May, the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), together with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Mauritius jointly organized a Green Economy Forum. Participants from government institutions, the private sector, training institutions, and civil society organizations gathered in Mauritius to...Read more

Mr. Temir Burzhubaev is an economist and an expert in public finance management, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation. He has more than eight years of experience in the state service, mainly at the Ministry of Economy. He is also a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Finance of...Read more

26 April 2018, Montevideo, Uruguay – "A nice brochure is not enough to make people separate their garbage. You will need a sustained effort and the right incentives to make change” exclaimed María Laura Rodríguez, Economics, Communications and Environmental Manager at the concluding discussion of a workshop held on 26...Read more

Accra, Ghana 28 March 2018 – In Ghana, the national bank is in the process of developing sustainable banking principles – that is, a set of rules that would require financial institutions to develop a management approach that balances the social and environmental risks with profit opportunities.

The move takes...Read more

March 2018, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - 

What do you think is the most popular course among architecture students at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST)? It’s a course on green buildings.

“Even former students are asking us if they can take the course,” says B. Munkhbayar, a Senior Lecturer at MUST.

The...Read more